Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris dalam Rangka Memperingati Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris dalam acara Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW

Assalamu Alaikum wr.Wb
There is no word that deserves to be spoken except utter gratitude to Allah SWT has bestowed all guidance and affection to us all. So we can still enjoy the gift of health and terindahnya form of oxygen that we breathe without having to pay a dime.

Solawat and greetings hopefully keep tercurahkan to master the Prophet Our great Muhammad SAW who has shown us from the path of darkness into the brightly lit street

Fathers, mothers, the Ladies and Gentlemen.
On 12 Rabiul Awal 1431 AH, coinciding on ... all the Muslims celebrate the Prophet Muhammad Maulid, nothing but a legacy of Islamic civilization done for generations.

In the historical record, starting from the time of the Birth of the Fatimid Caliphate under the leadership of the descendants of Fatimah az-Zahrah, Muhammad's daughter. The celebration was held on the proposal warlord Saladin (1137M-1193 AD), to the Caliph that hold the birth anniversary of Muhammad. The goal is to restore the morale of the Muslims in the struggle liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine from the clutches of the Crusaders. That was then, produce large effects in the form of the spirit of the Muslim jihad raging at the time.

Substantially, the celebration of the Prophet's Birthday is as an effort to be the example of Muhammad dressed as a carrier of Islam. Recorded in the history of life, that the prophet Muhammad was a great leader extraordinary in providing supreme example for his people.

In this context, Maulid should be articulated as an effort to transform themselves above the people of piety. Namely, a new spirit to build the prophetic values ​​in order to create civil society (Civil Society) which is part of democracy such as tolerance, transparency, anti-violence, gender equality, love the environment, pluralism, social justice, participation in free space, and humanism. In order socio-anthropological history of Islam, Muhammad can be seen and understood in two different social dimensions and complementary.

First, the theological-religious perspective, Muhammad seen and understood as well as the last apostle prophet figure in the order of Islamic concepts. It is positioned Muhammad as a sacred human figures which is the representative of God on earth in charge of carrying, delivering, and applying any kind of a "holy" God to mankind universally.

Second, the socio-political perspective, Muhammad seen and understood as being a reliable politician. Muhammad individual figure identical to a leader who is fair, egalitarian, tolerant, humane, and non-discriminatory and hegemonic, which is then able to bring Arab social fabric of society at that towards the society prosperous and peaceful social.

Sure, it was time for us to begin to understand and commemorate the Mawlid
more profound and fundamental, so that we not only understand and commemorated as the day of birth to the extent prophets and apostles last figure is loaded with a series of rituals sakralistik-Islamic symbolic only, but make it as the birth of a leader.

Since it is not a secret that we are in need of a leader of the nation that is able to reconstruct an image of leadership and community social ideal, egalitarian, tolerant, humane and nondiskriminatif, as did Muhammad to all mankind.

Contextualization commemorate the birth no longer be understood from the perspective of Islam alone, but must be understood from different perspectives concerning all issues.
For example, political, cultural, economic, or religious.

Fathers, mothers, the audience that I love.
Prophet Muhammad was born into the world.
Arrival of carrying tasks.
The departure leaves a mark.
Arrival of carrying tasks completed in 23 years.
The coming into the world was ruled to correct manners (sholihah Morals)
that this nation into a people manners (morals makarimal)
Polite against whom?
Polite to Allah who created us
Polite to Rosululloh

Polite to religion that we hug each
Polite to yourself
Polite to parents
Courteous to the people
Polite to the motherland
Polite of the state.
Courteous towards Allah.

For example, how do we pray before meals first Bismillahirrohmanirrohim.
With the name of Allah the Merciful, the Most Gracious, is a form of politeness
us to Allah.

In the opening of the 1945 Constitution states the blessing of Almighty Allah Rohmat
The power is a form of courtesy of our predecessors to Allah. They Indonesia recognizes that independence is not due to administration allies, not giving Japan, and not solely because of the struggle of the Indonesian nation against the Dutch. But is that Rohmat Allah the Almighty.

There were people who spoke mentioned that the independence of Indonesia was as a result of the struggle of the Indonesian people is a form of non-politeness to Allah.

Polite to Rosululloh, Prophet is a grand gateway religion. So it is appropriate that we are polite to Rosululloh religion, it is a lie. It is on behalf of their own lusts All religions teach chastity. Therefore we should be polite in religion Demonstration by shouting Allohu Akbar while beating each other, destroy, it is also a form of politeness to the non-religious. Sentence Allohu Akbar is the first sentence that reads the prayer time, how can be used for something like that. If you do not agree with something, then do it with polite anyway. Eviction by shouting Allohu Akbar, it's harassment of religion. Irreverence toward religion. They do not realize that to do that they have done disrespectful to religion.

Polite to yourself
How are we commanded to close the genitals is a form of courtesy to yourself
own and the best apparel clothing is piety. Seven heavens and seven layers Allah created the earth is like Sepet (coco-red skin.), while diamond is a man, then sopanlah to yourself. 

Courteous to parents
Do not get us lawless as the story of how a successful village send their children to become scholars and successful people. But when his parents came not honored even expelled. The lack of parental relaan causing the boy and his family punished by Allah destroyed the house and family. In fact, the child should be proud of the parents who live in village having successfully educate their children to be successful compared with the city people who do not necessarily managed to educate their children to be successful people.

Courteous to the public
In this life we ​​can not get out of society, then we should be courteous to the public. Polite to the motherland Love Hadith homeland is part of faith form of courtesy to the motherland. Preceded we provide state-shaped emblem of Garuda Pancasila represents a great soul. But what happens now the soul of Indonesia being chronically ill with the reduced sense of Love Motherland In today's age of globalization is something inevitable. But not no country was willing to dilibas by other countries. The only way is Love by growing country. Japan, Korea was not until the era terlibas globalization because they have strong roots with Love country. Meanwhile, on whom we are taught to manners?

We teach manners to children orphaned
We teach manners to the poor
We are taught manners to people persecuted
We are taught manners to people affected by the disaster.

Hopefully this description. We are sorry if there are words that are less pleasing.
Assalamu alaikum wr. wb.

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