Contoh Teks Pidato Singkat dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kumpulan Contoh Pidato - Pidato adalah sebuah kegiatan berbicara di depan umum atau berorasi untuk menyatakan pendapatnya, atau memberikan gambaran tentang suatu hal. Pidato biasanya dibawakan oleh seorang yang memberikan orasi-orasi dan pernyataan tentang suatu hal/peristiwa yang penting dan patut diperbincangkan. Pidato merupakan salah satu teori dari pelajaran bahasa indonesia.
Pidato biasanya digunakan oleh seorang pemimpin untuk memimpin dan berorasi di depan banyak anak buahnya atau khalayak ramai.

Fungsi pidato

  • Mempermudah komunikasi antar atasan dan bawahan.
  • Mempermudah komunikasi antar sesama anggota organisasi.
  • Menciptakan suatu keadaan yang kondusif di mana hanya perlu 1 orang saja yang melakukan orasi/pidato tersebut.
  • mempermudah komunikasi.
Pidato yang baik dapat memberikan suatu kesan positif bagi orang-orang yang mendengar pidato tersebut. Kemampuan berpidato atau berbicara yang baik di depan umum dapat membantu untuk mencapai jenjang karier yang baik. Contoh pidato yaitu seperti pidato kenegaraan, pidato menyambut hari besar, pidato pembangkit semangat, pidato sambutan acara atau event, dan lain sebagainya. Dalam berpidato, penampilan, gaya bahasa, dan ekspresi kita hendaknya diperhatikan serta kita harus percaya diri menyampaikan isi dari pidato kita, agar orang yang melihat pidato kita pun tertarik dan terpengaruh oleh pidato yang kita sampaikan.

Berikut di bawah ini merupakan contoh pidato dalam bahasa inggris ..
Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb
With all due the respect to honorable Mr. Principal, to honorable Mr. Homeroom teacher, to honorable Mr. and Mrs. Teachers as well as to my dearest companions.
First of all, let’s say our praise and gratitude to God the One and Almighty due to His illimitable grace and blessing upon us so that in this good occasion and time we can gather here in the best of our health.
Motivation to study of each person, from one person to others could be not the same. Usually, it depends on what is wanted by the person concerned. For example, a child will study and reach the first rank in his class because he was enticed to get a new bicycle by his parents.
Another example, a student has strong motivation to study in order to pass the examination by achieving the first rank or other general achievement. After that, he plans on getting some great job in order to make his parents happy.
Motivation to study won’t be established if the person concerned doesn’t have any longings, goals, or realize the benefits of studying for his own good. Therefore, certain way of conditioning is needed, so that we or anybody who wants some spirits to study will be motivated.
Here are some tips to increase our motivation to study:
Studying and learning everything.
Associating with people who like to study and have may achievements will make us end up liking to study as well. Besides of that, we can try to find someone or some community that has good habit in studying.
Making friends or hanging out with people who like to study
You can also try to question about experiences in various places to people who have ever continued or are going on their education to higher level, like people who get scholarship to study abroad or people who often get rewards for their achievements.
Their good habits and spirits will spread to us, such as the analogy of making friends with a blacksmith or perfume seller. If we spend our times with a blacksmith, we then will be affected by the smell of the burnt irons, while if we associate with a perfume seller, we then will be affected by the scent of perfumes.
The definition of studying in this section is understood comprehensively, either formal or informal. We can study and learn about many kinds of skills, such as learning or studying how to assemble computer components, write kinds of writings, make movies and films, become an entrepreneur, and many others.
In this world, there are some people who always look so optimistic even though there are having problems, for example; friends, lovers, or spouse. You can also do the same thing by finding out someone or some community who can help to lead or motivate you in studying and making achievements.
We can use internet to join with people who like to study. For example, if you are interested in studying English, you can go to
Studying and Learning from internet
Associating with people who are always optimistic and think positively
“Recipe for success: Study while everyone is sleeping, work while everyone is loafing, and dream when everyone is wishing.” – William A. Ward.
That’s all I would like to say. I wish what I said could be useful for all of us. I hope that we can meet again sometime. Please forgive me for my mistaken words. Thank you for the attention.
Wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb

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